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Community Boards

If you would like to serve on any of these Community Boards, please contact
City Hall at 620-382-3703

Baseball/Softball Commission/Boosters   Recreation Commission
Casey Case   Jack Branson
Doug Regnier   Bart Peace
Ann Carr   Jordan Metro
Roger Schroeder   Jan Helmer
Diane Jeffrey   Oliver Good
Staci Hansen    
Jennifer Felvus    
Cemetery Board   Parks Board
Purpose     Meetings   Purpose
Phyllis Kreutziger   Jordan Metro, Chairman
Roger Hannaford   Pam Byer; Vice Chair
Leland Heidebrecht   Brenda Maddox, Secretary
Royal Smith   Andrew Brunner
Rosalie Schmidtberger   Chase Carlson
Ty Zeiner   Melissa Craft
Marge Summerville   Roger Hannaford III
    Deanna Thierolf
    Candy Vinduska
    Marion Board of Zoning Appeals
    Purpose     Meetings
    Marty Fredrickson, Zoning Administrator
Hilltop Manor   Margo Yates
Charles Heerey   Leland Heidebrecht
Ralph Kreutziger   Ralph Kreutziger
    John Wheeler
    Bill Lundy
Marion City Airport Authority    
Meetings     By-Laws    
Jim Braden   Marion Planning Commission
Lyle Leppke   Purpose     Meetings
Bill Darrow    
Ty Zeiner   Margo Yates, Vice
John Wheeler   Roger Schroeder
Roger Holter, City Staff Representative   Paul White
    Kelsey Metro
    Jeremy Ensey
    Greg Carlson
    Diana Holub
Library Board    
Responsibilities     Trust   Marion Housing Authority
Pauline Holub
Open Position   Charles Heerey, Chair
Bruce Winkler   Layla Lovelady
Mary Griffith   Ralph Kreutziger
Bill Smithhart Dorothy Youk
Linda Krouba   Bob Kelly
Phyllis Kreutziger    
Marion Historical Museum Board    
Purpose     By-Laws    
Gary Ewert    
Elora Robinson    
Lois Smith    
Ed Wheeler    
Mary Griffith    
Bill Darrow    
Wendy Youk